Buy Irish

I am supporting the “Champion Green Campaign”. This is aiming to get people and businesses to pledge to commit to supporting local to help our communities recover. You can find more information by clicking on their logo below, the green butterfly.

With that in mind, below you will find short descriptions of and links to a number of Irish marketplace websites where you can order Irish made gifts, jewelry, crafts, foods, and lots more for delivery to your home.

The Doorstep Market is a one-stop shop for small, independent Irish businesses, and consumers who want to support them.
We draw ideas from around us – from the landscape, the weather, the people. This is how our craft comes to life. This is Design Ireland. Find your own inspiration here.
Individually crafted gifts, made to inspire and charm. Handmade with love by over 100 passionate and creative Irish makers and designers. is a Premium Irish Online Gift Marketplace that brings together in one place fabulous gifts by Makers & Designers all over Ireland.
Website directory providing free listings of SMEs in Ireland who sell online.
A directory of 384 independent Irish producers who deliver to your door. Help support your local community and economy.

Note: I hold no interest in these stores, nor have I received any payment – money or otherwise – to display them here. The listings also do not constitute a recommendation of any kind and I am not responsible for any of the services and/or products.