Happy Christmas 2020

2020 has been an awful year. Most of us would like to forget it and move on. Unfortunately, we will all need more patience. It will take time before the vaccines will become readily available and it will need 60-80% of people inoculated before it is truly effective. This means we will spend most of 2021 socially distancing, wearing masks, etc.  That idea might be disturbing for some. But think of this.

My heart goes out to those that have lost dear ones. And it is exactly because of that we need to keep strong. Otherwise, we will cause just more grief.

This means that Christmas 2020 has to be different. No big family gatherings in Ireland, no visits to my family in The Netherlands.

But my family is still healthy. I am still in a job. I will still take the Christmas week off for some relaxation and enjoy the company of my wife, and for Christmas, my mother in law, with whom we are in a “bubble”.  I will still enjoy this Christmas. Just the way I enjoyed my holidays, even though it wasn’t in Italy as planned, but just a few day-trips in Ireland. 

 So, rather than complain about the things we cannot do, let’s appreciate the things we can. And with that, I wish you: